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Engaging Financial Services Clients Through Mobile

February 09, 2018

Financial services companies understand that their customers are increasingly expecting services to be available on mobile devices. This is an opportunity for innovative companies to gain leadership in the space but also creates multiple challenges ranging from integrating legacy systems and processes to meeting strict regulatory requirements. Complete the form to download the white paper [...]

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Putting Customer Data to Use in a Mobile World

February 21, 2017

Consumers are constantly bombarded with messages from multiple brands, across numerous channels; increasingly few messages get through and activated upon. This is a huge challenge for brand marketing. The reality is that customers have preferences in terms of messaging channels used, depending on the content of the communication and many brands already have access to […]

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SMS Fraud Alert Use Case

July 18, 2016

Banks need to act quickly when there is suspicious activity on a customer’s account. It’s important for the bank and the consumer to determine if the activity is a sign of fraud as soon as possible. SMS messaging can speed up this process. Learn how it works by completing the form to download our SMS Fraud [...]

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The Supremacy of Mobile Messaging Communications

November 24, 2014

Insights into mobile messaging and its effectiveness over direct marketing campaigns. Complete the form to download this infographic. Complete to Download hbspt.forms.create({ portalId: '3481761', formId: '573cfbe9-d7b7-47c1-9179-f304cc37556d', });

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mGage Technology and Solution Overview

November 10, 2014

Brands that utilize mobile to manage customer relationships deliver higher ROI, increase customer engagement and reduce the volume and cost of customer service calls. We empower brands to use mobile to transform their business at all stages of the lifecycle, from acquisition to retention. Our secure and scalable platform allows marketers and customer service teams [...]

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Protecting Your Mobile Investment

November 03, 2014

Brands use mobile messaging to reach consumers at critical touch points in their purchase cycle. It is an important aspect of any mobile marketing strategy and will continue to become a larger part of an effective overall marketing strategy. That's why marketers must choose the right message aggregator to work with. However, putting all resources [...]

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mGage Location Based Services Overview

October 20, 2014

With the digital marketplace growing at a phenomenal pace, cross channel mobile solutions have emerged as a necessity in the marketing sphere. Location Based Services (LBS) form the bridge between wireless network connectivity and physical brand locations. mGage has access to customer driven data via geo-triggers around physical brand locations that pinpoint exactly where customers [...]

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mGage Customer Acquisition Overview

October 06, 2014

Effectively reaching your customer base improves loyalty, creates sales opportunities and reduces costs. No other communication channel delivers higher open rates and faster response times than SMS. At mGage, we build a brand's mobile contact database and power their ability to effectively engage and their customers via mobile channels, including SMS and OTT messaging, among [...]

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mGage Messaging Services for Aggregators

September 29, 2014

As a Tier 1 aggregator, mGage has direct connectivity with top level US operators that form a network of over 99% of mobile phone subscribers. We have served over 800 enterprises including global financial institutions, retailers, travel agencies, e-commerce services, MVNOs, aggregators, and small businesses. We are a proven aggregator with the best-in-class support and [...]

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